Management Trainee

We believe you have to build a great solid team from the bottom up. This means that all over managers and leaders started in this same entry-level sales position. The process is the same for everyone. Advancement is NOT seniority-based but is work ethic based!  We are looking for individuals who will work hard and are seeking much more than just an entry-level position.

Duties and responsibilities:

▸ Greet customers with a warm smile
▸ Communicate effectively with customers to gain an understanding of what they need or want
▸ Recommend products and services that are best suited for them
▸ Have in-depth knowledge of our clients products and services so that if there are questions you can answer them effectively
▸ Remain professional and positive so that you gain a loyal customer base

Why join our team?

▸ Excellent training program
▸ Be surrounded by a supportive and uplifting team that cares about your success
▸ You’re in charge of your paycheck
▸ Advancement is not seniority based but is performance based
▸ Top performer = more money, recognition, more advancement opportunities, and awesome trips